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Who We Are...

At Virtual Lookup, we work every day to make our world a smaller place. Internet single handedly has brought our world on a single platform. Never before had it been this easy for anyone to bring together skilled people from all over. Sensing the huge potential of a location independent work culture, we started Virtual Lookup to connect our talented resources with our global clients— irrespective of their location and time zone. Our vision is to be a global platform providing virtual team support to anyone needing business services.

Leveraging modern technology, we provide our clients 24x7 virtual support for their software and administrative needs through our team of professional experts. Our network of about 900 professional translators and voice over artists provide our international clients translation and transcription services. We pride ourselves for extending supportive services to our clients while helping them create powerful and engaging multilingual voice over recordings, lip-sync dubbings and captions in more than 50 languages.

Using internet, we strive to resolve issues hindering our clients from hiring outstation skilled staff at affordable prices. In our efforts to be ahead of the curve and be future ready, we are nurturing resources with skills in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Intelligence, blockchain and data science— who can then work for our clients as a part of their virtual team.

Why Us

  • Our genuine concern

    We pay close attention to the needs of our customers and try resolving possible issues even before they crop up. We meet our deadlines for delivering high quality end products or services, and emphasise on at least 95% customer satisfaction.

  • Technical Prowess

    We have with us some of the best Net, Java, PHP, C++, Ruby on Rails, AJAX, Android and iOS developers. To help you with your front end, we also have excellent CSS, XHTML, Web and Graphic designers.


  • Experienced professionals

    Over time, we have put together an excellent team of software developers, web designers, language experts and writers who have an average of over 7 years of industry experience. This more than helps us serve all the needs of our client.

  • Cost Effective

    Not only do you save infrastructural costs with us, but our streamlined approach allows us to timely deliver to you high quality end products or services, yet be extremely cost effective. You also get complete ownership of the end product, or solution developed by us.

  • Fast Ramp-Up

    Clients can, with us, ramp up on their resources fairly quickly in a crunch situation when pressured with an increasing workload. We relieve them from the stresses of the time consuming task of hiring skilled staff, freeing up their time allowing them to better focus on their core competencies, resulting in their increased productivity.

  • Human Touch

    Our professional, but personalised working relationship with our clients helps us understand their needs in a finerway, allowing us to cater to them better and minimise frictions during the working period.

Currently, we are working towards our immediate goal of being able to provide our clients at least 100 FTE a month, for their various business needs. In the long run, we desire to be the go-to company for all remote staffing requirements, and outsourcing needs. We would love to hear opinions or suggestions you might have for us! Please write to us at info@virtuallookup.com or ring us on 14156709780.

Our Mission Statement

" Our mission is to be a global platform that can provide virtual team support to anyone who needs business services."

Our Clients

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