why outsource translation

Why You Should Outsource Translation

For your company to expand internationally, the key is to effectively communicate your message, and the meaning behind it in the native language of your potential customers. To ensure you’re translating texts in the most appropriate way, you can either hire in-house translators, or outsource the work to a third party. Though some would have you believe an in-house team is the better option, it isn’t necessarily so. Whether you’re working with large or small volumes, one or multiple languages, here are some compelling reasons you should consider outsourcing the task:

1. Access to experienced professional translators

Translation is a skilled job requiring translators experts in the source and target languages, well-versed with the technical terminology and in-tune with different text types. They also need to be able to produce cost-effective, consistent translations.

Outsourcing enables you to work with a larger talent pool. Their understanding of translation tools, coupled with their team of proofreaders and editors going about the translation in the most efficient way, guarantees your message being conveyed to your target audience effectively.

2. It’s a cost effective strategy

In-house translators imply recurring fixed expenses. At certain times, when your company does not have a sufficient volume of work to keep them busy, you will have to find ways of productively engaging them. Else you would be paying them to sit idly at their desks.

Just as there are periods of minimal workload, there will be periods in which the workload surges. Your employed translator won’t be able to handle urgent requests if their workload is already overflowing. Having to go through the entire hiring process again when your workload increases is hardly an ideal situation. However, if you choose to outsource, this won’t happen as you’d only be paying for the services rendered. Thus, it’s hard to justify additional expenses of employing a full-time translator.

3. Convenience

Translation agencies usually employ hundreds or thousands of experts after vetting their skills, and also take care of contracting them for each individual job.

As far as you’re concerned— your documents go in, and their translations come out. The entire process becomes simpler. You reap the benefits of their expertise, whenever you need it, without having to worry about what goes on in between because the experts are taking care of it for you.

In-house translation departments can be cumbersome to run. By contrast, outsourcing would let a competent, experienced provider take responsibility for everything, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business.

The technological and language expertise these agencies bring along with their project management, provides you with cost effective end-to-end translation. By relying on this framework, you will not have to be selective about which market you expand your business into next, opening up multiple sectors to you. Even though outsourcing may not seem like the best idea initially, but when you look at
the facts, it really is.

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