outsource to India

Why You Must Outsource to India

Globalisation has levelled the playing field between industrial and emerging markets. Our economy has been undergoing significant changes, making it necessary for companies to make use of outsourcing firms to gain a competitive edge over their competition, by producing more for less. Compared to Eastern Europe, Latin America and other popular destinations, India trumps as the best outsourcing destination. Here’s why:

1. Larger talent pool:

India is known for its sheer number of highly educated and technically skilled people. Professionals there also speak better English when compared to their Chinese and Filipino counterparts, while the country also boasts of having the largest English speaking population in the world. This ensures you have access to qualified and competent staff whenever you require; meaning you get faster ramp up times during periods of increased workload.

2. Cost Effectiveness:

Rupee value of Dollar makes Indian labour an inexpensive and attractive option. Lower capital expenditure, maintenance and infrastructure costs in India result in significant cost savings to you. This reduction in expenses enables you to manage your budget more creatively, increasing your net profit, and hence your ROI. It also gives you the freedom to allocate your finances to other pursuits that could help you grow your business.

3. Outsourcing friendly policies:

Outsourcing being one of India’s main sources of foreign income, the Indian government considers its Information Technology industry of utmost priority. They have set in place policies and frameworks favourable to companies wanting to outsource their work to Indian agencies. To promote business, the government has also enacted the IT act to recognise electronic contracts, tackle cybercrime and support the electronic filing of documents. All designed to streamline your workflow.

4. Top of the line Infrastructure and Technology:

Given how important the IT industry is to Indian economy, all its major cities are equipped with state of the art telecom services, high speed fiber optics, satellite and cellular networks to maintain uninterrupted communication. This lets you seamlessly delegate your non essential assignments, allowing you to maintain focus on growing your core business.

5. Excellent Customer Support:

Great command over English and 24×7 availability has propelled India towards becoming one of the world’s most prime locations for outsourcing customer support. India now handles more than 70% of the world’s call centre outsourcing. In spite of the low cost of labour, the work done is highly efficient, and there is no compromise on the quality of service delivered.

More than 90% of the companies in US, and a significant number in Canada, Europe and Australia have time and again preferred India as their primary hub for all outsourced work. And they have been doing so for well founded reasons. Outsourcing to India, given its unique advantages, can help you find the right balance between productivity, cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Reasons why you too should be choosing an Indian agency to outsource your company’s work.