2015 Translation Industry Trends

2015 Translation Industry Trends

“Why is your website only in English”- this is the most imperative fad of 2015. Resulting in a vast majority of business owners interested in multilingual service. If you are trying to make 2015 a special one to market your products or services across the global market. You must be seeking to change your websites in many local languages in order to enjoy the pleasure of higher conversion.

If we hark back to the history of it, we will get to see that it is a consequence of an important research conducted by web analyst, market researchers and web marketing experts. They introduced a striking research report.

Their findings were as follows:

  • Nearly 53% of foreign market consumers do not buy products and services from the websites which do not belong to their native languages.
  • Over 72% of international customers like to spend more times on their native language websites than on the websites belonging to English or other languages.
  • Most interestingly, the people, who are comfortable in English, prefer to buy from the websites coming from their own native languages.
  • Over 90% of the Japanese like to visit the websites laced with their native web content. At the time of buying something, they adhere to this rule.
  • Nearly 80% of Germans are interested in purchasing from their own native language websites.
  • Over 64% of the Dutch does the same.

Discerning the importance of localization and personalization, they have started outsourcing translation, as human/manual translation is far better than machine translation. To be more precise, their new objective is to make a perfect blend of globalization and liberalization with localization and personalization to meet the target of maximum conversion.

In order to meet the target of multilingual service, they outsource translation. This helps them get rid of mechanical errors, errors in grammar and syntax. They can easily convey their messages, minimizing the risk of data encryption and distortion of information. Outsourcing translation lowers the risk of confusion and hesitation; it is gaining increasing attention around the world. This is the most important of all 2015 translation industry trends. This trend helps in better lead generation and more revenue. For which content marketing plays an important role.

India is a vast country having a huge market for selling products. As India offers a huge scope of making profits by marketing and selling products, many corporate giants, big businesses and multinational companies have chosen it as their important marketplace. To achieve this, they are looking for translation in India in order to aware Indians about their business, products and services. They are hiring Indians for the translation of their web content in Hindi or other regional languages. They have started content marketing with translation in India.

Another important trend is knack for manual translation over machine translation for the better understanding of the online viewers. These are considered to be the trends of translation industry 2015. If you are looking for any kind of translation service in various languages Contact us.